Life hasn’t slowed down since June of last year. Until this weekend as I get ready for a wedding on Valentine’s day. So I did a lot of bills and catching up, such as cleaning the office and a little bit of the attic storage area. Got 12 hours of sleep last night and a good 1.5 hour nap this afternoon. So this evening I was not in the mood to continue doing bills. I took out the camera and spent about 3 hours taken pictures of marbles. This is a real challenge, as the surface is very reflective and getting glare and ghosting to a minimum takes some work. Put into practice some of my lighting rules, such as hard lights are best for textures and the further away the light, the harder it is. Anyways, that and a copious amount of black cinefoil and foam board with some tricky cutouts gave me some acceptable results. Still can’t get the full 3D look of the marbles into the pictures yet, but now I have a better handle on the lighting.