Almost Ready

Lisa and I have less than 6 days before we begin our trip to Tasmania, Australia. We have most of the details worked out, just need to get the final packing done. Spent a good part of this week checking all of our powered items - such as battery chargers, hair dryers, curling irons, and such to make sure that they can take the 240V/50Hz power input. Have the adapters on order and will hopefully get here this week. The money and traveler’s checkques are here and ready to go. The dollar is really strong, about $1.50 AUSD to $1.00 USD. Earlier in the summer it was 1.05 to 1. So regretfully, if the DOW stays down the exchange rate should stay strong and if it goes up, well we won’t be able to buy as much. We will be spending a couple of days in and around Hobart (visiting Cadbury Chocolate Factory, Mt Wellington, and Battery Point) and then move on up the east coast to Diamond Hill resort where we will spend the night with penguins and the next day walking around Freycinet and Wine Glass bay. Then off to Deloraine to stay overnight at a B&B at a local winery and off to a quick trip to the Great Swamp (rainforest). Then over to Cradle Moutain for two days of adventure in the highlands and finish it off with an overnight stay at Launceston. So we will be out of touch for a while and Grandma will be here taking care of Victoria.